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Spring Making Redditch

The History of Springs & Background to Spring Making Redditch has a long history of producing springs

Redditch has a long and proud history of mass producing springs stretching back over a 100-years. The spring industry was an off shoot of the needle industry which was a major consumer of wire. The readily available supply of wire lent itself to the development of the spring industry in Redditch. The needle industry has diminished in importance but today Redditch remains the centre for spring manufacturing in the UK. Davies Springs are proud to be a vibrant part of this vital industry.

A spring is a metal object which changes shape in response to an external force and returns to its original shape when that external force is removed.

If a spring is subject to excessive force in relation to the spring it will not return to the original shape.

Extension Spring Definition

An extension spring is a coiled spring whose coils usually touch each other; as a force is applied to stretch the spring the coils separate and the spring lengthens. Typical examples include: – weighing scales, springs supporting a trampoline.

Compression Spring Definition

This is the opposite to an extension spring. The coils are open and are compressed as a pressure is applied. Typical examples are suspension springs in cars, on motor bikes or pedal cycles.

Torsion Spring Definition

A torsion spring works by twisting. – the classic example is the traditional mouse trap. Another familiar example is the counter balance in garage doors. Electronic devices with pop out doors and drawers frequently rely upon a torsion spring.

Conical Springs Definition

A cone shaped compression spring typically found on batteries.

Materials For Making Springs Wire Forms & Pins

Here at Davies Springs we are constantly meeting the challenge of working with
new materials as well as the standard options, this is a complex subject and the simple answer is please talk to us
and we can advise on the various solutions: –

  • Stainless steel (302, 316, 17/7 or 18/8)
  • Carbon Steel / Music Wire
  • Piano Wire

Exotic Spring Making Materials

Exotic materials are another possibility because of their unique chemistry, again the best answer is please contact
Davies Springs to discuss your needs – even some of our long standing customers are unaware of the options which
are available: –

  • Inconel 600, 601, 625, 718, X750
  • Nimonic 90
  • Monel 400
  • Oil Tempered Wires
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Hastelloy B-2, B-3, C-4, C-22, C-276, C-2000, G-30, ‘X’
  • Duratherm 600
  • Phynox aka Eligloy
  • MP35N

Oil Tempered Wire – BS2803 Pre-hardened Carbon

  • Chrome vanadium BS2803 CrVd pre hardened alloy
  • Silicon chrome – BS 2803 SiCr Pre hardened alloy

If you cannot see what you are looking for, it maybe no more than we have not included it on the above list, please do call
on 01527 500 710.

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