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Cukoo Mini – Revived

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If You Are Not A Cuckoo Mini Aficionado…

Minis have always had a reputation for being a fun car. What could be more amusing than a Mini branded cuckoo clock which on the hour pops out when the minute hand strikes the hour?

In Trace’s own words…

The spring on my beloved Mini cuckoo clock had broken causing the Mini to remain resolutely in its garage instead of making an appearance and cheerfully tooting the hour.

Finding a spring was proving somewhat impossible until we found Sarah and Lee at Davies Springs. They agreed to take on the challenge to design and manufacture a spring without a pattern to work from as the original had been lost by my husband.

The compression spring was designed to fit the mechanism from the clock and they supplied two versions for us to choose the best one. As a result my little clock is now back in tip top order and tooting happily at me.

Sarah and Lee were so helpful and determined to get my clock up and running that we really wish that we had discovered them much much sooner. If you want a spring manufactured (even if it is a little whacky) then Davies Springs should be your first call, they are brilliant.

Trace – Stratford Upon Avon

Mini Clock Working

If you click this image it will take you to YouTube where there is a 12 second video of the Mini popping out of the clock!

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